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Municipal Settings: Perfect Applications for Stainless Band & Buckles

Stainless steel band and stainless steel buckles can be found just about everywhere in municipal settings. From the smallest city in the United States to the largest they all use stainless steel bands, stainless steel buckles or stainless steel wing seals/wing clips and sign brackets for hanging traffic signals, roadway signs, street signs, fastening cameras, control boxes and more. That’s because these products will have to stand the test of time, in all types of weather – and stainless steel is proven to resist corrosion and provide dependability in nearly all climate extremes. Almost anything that attaches to metal, concrete, aluminum or a fiberglass pole uses stainless steel band and buckle. Also used is ¾” black stainless steel band, buckles, wings seals and sign brackets.

Best Steel Band Tightening & Cutting Tools

Using the proper tools to tighten and cut the stainless steel band such as the T001 Cool tool for band up to .030 or the T402 for band .030 to .050 makes installation very easy. To cut band, use the T545 for band up to .035 and the T550 to cut heavy duty band.

Products Used :

  • 201 & 316 Stainless Steel Band
  • 304 Lite Gauge Stainless Steel Band
  • 201 & 316 Stainless Steel Buckles
  • 201 & 316 Stainless Steel Wing Seals/Wing Clips
  • Stainless Steel Straight Leg Bull’s Eye® Sign Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Flared Leg Bull’s Eye® Sign Brackets
  • 201 Color Fast™ Black Stainless Steel Band
  • 201 Blackened Stainless Steel Buckles
  • 201 Blackened Stainless Steel Wing Seals/Wing Clips
  • Blackened Stainless Steel Sign Brackets (Straight or Flared Leg)
  • Cut to Length Stainless Steel Band (with buckle or wing seal)
  • Color Fast™ Cut to Length Stainless Steel Band (with buckle or wing seal)
  • T001 Core Products USA Cool Tool
  • T101 Ratchet Tool
  • T545 and T550 Band Cutters

Applications Include :

  • Sign Mounting
  • Traffic Signal Hanging
  • Traffic Camera Fastening
  • Control Boxes
  • Roadway Signs

Stainless Steel Band Performs in the Most Extreme Conditions

The strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel band along with its UV, fire and extreme temperature resistance make it a dependable, all-purpose, durable choice for any traffic application you may need.