It Straps On Wins 2010 MEPOL Entrepreneurship Award

mepolEach year, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana (MEPOL) recognizes local manufacturers for excellence in their fields. In 2010, the non-profit organization that promotes manufacturing in the state of Louisiana selected It Straps on, Inc (ISO) to receive the 2010 Small Manufacturing Award. The Small Manufacturing Award is given to small businesses in Louisiana who make a sizable impact in their communities and exemplify entrepreneurship.

Corinne Dupuy, MEPOL Director, stated that ISO was chosen for the award for several reasons, including improved production line efficiency, substantial current international offerings, growing international exports, an ‘E’ award, and a commitment to helping other local businesses sell internationally. ISO currently offers products for sale in 29 countries from its Covington, Louisiana headquarters and has a plan in place to continue to increase that number over coming years.

A Global Approach is Key

Steve Smith, ISO owner, says, “Worldwide business is the future. We’ve got to be as productive as possible to get it.” This embodies the company’s approach to growth both in the present and in the future, and offers insight into the “E” award it received in 2008. The “E” award is conferred by the federal government to companies with outstanding performance and growth in the export market as well as a plan for marketing abroad. ISO has a proven track record of export growth and a commitment to the local community beyond the fifteen ISO employees. Other local businesses turn to Smith for advice and guidance as they attempt to enter the global marketplace, a daunting endeavor for small businesses.

As a manufacturer of stainless steel bands used for fastening and mounting various components including signs and electrical devices, ISO’s products are in demand across the globe and in several major industries. The 2010 Small Manufacturing award is a significant achievement and a reflection of the company’s current success and potential future achievements.