Stainless Steel Fasteners Provide Durability and Corrosion Resistance

Core Products USA sells high-quality stainless steel fasteners suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Where any stainless steel fastener is concerned, the reliability of the fastener starts with the quality of the metal, and there are very real reasons that you should consider the origins of the metal in deciding what you use to fasten down a banding or other materials you use in your work.


Quality Steel

Stainless steel is a very advanced product; a wonder of the modern age, in fact. It is not, however, a new product and it is not particularly expensive, particularly when you take into account how durable and tough it is. U.S.-made stainless steel is of the highest quality. You may be able to save a dollar or two by buying from outside the U.S., but there is no guarantee that what you’re buying is worth the money you’re spending. The reasons why stainless steel is so desirable at all should give you some insight into why it’s so important to know for sure that you’re buying a high end steel.


Stainless steel fasteners are used in many applications that are critical and that, where lower quality steels are concerned, a very real threat to life and limb exists. The fasteners you use to affix signs, bundle heavy objects and so forth are the link that ensures that the bundle is as solid as the banding. If the fastener is made out of substandard steel, you may find buckles giving way, releasing a great deal of tension in a fraction of a second. That can cause grievous injuries to workers.

Where signage is concerned, the last thing you want to deal with is signs coming off their posts because the fasteners that held them in place gave out. Stainless steel buckles should be made out of a material that is as strong as the banding and that can hold up to environmental threats such as road salts or worse, particularly if the environment happens to be industrial and other pollutants may be attacking the steel constantly.

When it’s time to remove a fastener, it’s much easier to do if it’s made out of a high grade of stainless steel. This means that the fastener will not be rusted shut and that it will be much easier to take off the sign or open the bundle without having to worry about working through layers of hardened rust.


There are several different grades of stainless steel, each of which has a place in industry. They include:

201 Stainless:

A great all-purpose stainless steel that also happens to be very affordable. In environments where the corrosion risk is not extreme and where you need something that will not rust or corrode to do standard environmental threats, this is an excellent choice. It’s the most common type of stainless steel used in industry.

304 Stainless:

It’s more resistant to corrosion than 201 but a bit more expensive. This steel is excellent, however, even if very corrosive environments.

316 Stainless:

This stainless steel can hold up to just about anything where corrosion resistance is concerned, including seawater. It is more expensive than other steels but is a standard in chemical plants, refineries and other highly corrosive environments.

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Core Products USA sells U.S. made stainless steel products. Call our customer service team and ask any questions you may have and they’ll be glad to help you make the right choice in materials. Fasteners are vitally important to safety and durability, so be sure you take suitable measures in making the best choice for your job.