Stainless Steel Sign Brackets

Stainless Steel Street Sign Brackets are available for mounting signs using regular banding or light duty band. These steel sign brackets are commonly used for street signs used in municipal signage including traffic signs and road and highway signs where stainless steel’s corrosion resistance offers the benefits of longevity in these applications. The steel mounting brackets come with or without stainless steel bolts and washers. Brackets are available in flared and straight leg styles.

Common Uses for Stainless Steel Sign Brackets

Stainless steel sign brackets are commonly installed in typical city or roadside conditions. They are resistant to car exhaust, road contaminants and rain and snow. In more taxing environments, use of the 304 Stainless Steel Sign Bracket will provide resistance to more corrosive agents. These products can provide a very long life and provide great value to cities and municipalities as they save on materials and labor from not having to replace sign hardware as often.

Another major benefit of stainless steel sign brackets is the ability to fit them onto almost any pole, regardless of width. Stainless steel banding can be cut to any width or length, making it ideal for cinching down to get a secure, snug fit using a tool such as a ratchet tensioner. This also allows for greater flexibility by installers as they can mount the sign wherever they need to, and not just where pre-drilled holes might be on the sign pole.


For outdoor applications where no highly-corrosive materials are present, 201 stainless steel sign posts and brackets are usually the choice. Durable and very affordable, they are perfect for municipalities and normal parking lot use.

304 stainless steel isn’t as strong as 201 stainless steel, but it can hold up to chemicals and other contaminants without corroding and is the best choice for these conditions.

We offer stainless steel sign brackets all made from U.S. steel. Now more than ever, it is important to know that the products you get be made with American steel. So not only will you be supporting American jobs, you will also be receiving the highest quality steel products available – ensuring you get value and longevity.

Our Louisiana facility can also take custom orders for street sign brackets. Please get in touch us with any questions you may have about getting custom orders fulfilled or about our products and their suitability for your facility answered.