Stainless Steel Banding / Strapping Tools

Banding / strapping tools are essential to many industries, from telecommunications to oil and gas and many in between. These tools band elements together in a way that can stand up to abusive, harsh, and even corrosive environments whether they are in your own backyard or at a busy intersection. We sell a wide range of stainless steel banding / strapping tools for metal banding to meet your needs for any project.

What is a Banding / Strapping Tool?

Banding / strapping tools are a way of binding stainless steel bands around different elements securely. They keep the tension tight on the bands as they fasten the components together.

There are several types of banding / strapping tools because there are many different jobs that require these tools:

  • Some are for larger steel bands
  • Others can be used in smaller spaces
  • Still others have grips designed for specific tasks such as insulation.

Who Uses Banding / Strapping Tools?

Many people use banding / strapping tools! As they are such a versatile and necessary item to a huge range of businesses and sectors, banding / strapping tools are used in more places than you would probably think.

For example:

  • Construction workers use them to secure signs and stop lights to poles so that intersections are safe and clearly marked
  • Workers on an oil rig use them to secure tubing and pipes to the drilling platforms
  • Those who are installing cable and telephone lines use them, especially where horizontal installation makes more sense than putting the wires above ground on traditional telephone poles

We carry many banding / strapping tools so that you are able to find the high quality tool you need for the task at hand, from a company you trust. Some of our most popular products include the ISO Cool Tool and the Insulation Tensioner.

2 of Our Most Popular Tools:

ISO Cool Tool: This stainless steel banding / strapping tool is particularly good for higher tension, heavy duty projects.

Insulation Tensioner: This is a more versatile tool, able to be used in smaller spaces and particularly useful for pipe covering or insulation.

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