Tensioner Tools

Tensioner tools are from a group of banding tools used to provide the appropriate tension on stainless steel banding. There are several different styles to choose from depending on the usage, and many of the designs come with their own cutters or fastening methods.

We offer several different designs in tensioner tools that allow the user to have a customized tool that fits the width and thickness of stainless steel banding that they use in their application. Some of them use ratchet designs that allow the tightest possible tensioning. There are also tensioner tools available that are specifically made to work in tight spaces where larger tools may not be appropriate.

Photos of Stainless Steel Tensioning Tools (Click on image to see a larger photo)

Common Uses for Tensioners

Different designs allow the user to employ these devices in different situations. For example, there are tensioners available that are appropriate for tasks such as fastening stainless steel banding to other more or less flat surfaces. There are also designs available that are more appropriate for awkward situations, such as affixing signs to poles.

Photos of Stainless Steel Tensioning Tools (Click on image to see a larger photo)

Choices in Alloys and Materials

Most any tensioner can work with any type of stainless steel. The main question will be how much tension needs to be employed on the banding and under what circumstances the banding is applied.

For example, the ISO Cool Tool #T001 is ideal for situations such as affixing metal banding to sign posts. The Heavy-Duty Insulation Tensioner is ideal for situations where ¾” to 1 ¼” wide banding needs to be applied with a great deal of tension.

You will also want to take into consideration the method by which the banding is cut and affixed when you’re selecting what model you want.

We offer the appropriate banding tools for all of the stainless steel banding products we sell. The right tool can make the job more efficient and safer for the person doing the work. All of the models come with instructions.