When It Comes to Steel, Made in the USA Still Matters

There’s hardly any industry where stainless steel doesn’t play a part in making it work. From the fasteners on bundles of telecom cables to the trim on expensive cars, stainless steel is everywhere. Even in surgery it plays a role, being the preferred material for many different types of surgical implants and for the tools used to install them.

At Core Products USA, all of our products are from high quality U.S. stainless steel. When you’re talking about stainless steel, there’s really only one place to look for quality and that is the USA.

Why U.S. Made Matters

There are plenty of nations out there that can compete with the U.S. on quality in many different sectors. Where stainless steel is concerned, however, the USA still has everyone else beat. On all of our products, you’ll see a 4-digit number stamped on the steel. That number means that the steel was manufactured in the U.S. The number is the inspection number and that inspection does mean something.

To be sold in the U.S. as stainless steel, the product has to be inspected. This is not true of other nations. This results in a tremendous loss of quality and reliability, which you can see in products manufactured outside of the U.S.

Foreign stainless steel is not inspected before it is shipped. Their 201 grade stainless steel—the most commonly used type of stainless steel in the industry—has a very high failure rate because of this. U.S. made stainless steel has a much better reputation and is much more reliable.

Foreign stainless steel tends to be used a lot because it is cheaper. The caveat here is that you really do get what you pay for when you buy foreign stainless steel. If you’re wondering why it would even make a difference, consider what you’re using that steel for.


If you’re applying stainless steel banding to hold a sign on a post or to secure telecom cables, you’re putting a great deal of tension on it. That means that you’re going to end up in a situation where you have a tremendous amount of energy stored up in that steel band. Should it break free, workers can be seriously lacerated, goods can be destroyed and other disasters can occur.

When you have U.S. made stainless steel, you can be sure that it will perform as any high quality stainless would. That means that it will hold up to abuse, that it will hold up to corrosive materials and that you can rely on it to not end up getting your workers injured. U.S. made stainless steel is, quite simply, the best around. If you don’t believe it, read industry reports on the matter and you’ll quickly run into a lot of failure reports.

Other Advantages

High quality stainless steel can be stored for a very long time without corroding. This means that you don’t have to worry that, over time, your materials are corroding and becoming unsafe. This means better safety for your workers, of course, and more savings for your business.

Make the Switch

If you’ve been enduring a lot of lost money due to using substandard foreign stainless steel, bring your business back home. Core Products USA is proud to use the best stainless steel in the world and that comes right from the USA. The prices reflect the quality of the steel that you’re getting. When you’re not having breakages, injuries and lost inventory as you were with cheap stainless steel products, you’ll be glad that you chose to buy the best stainless steel out there and you can be more secure in the fact that you’re keeping your workers and your items safe.