Why We Use Stainless Steel for Banding & Strapping

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials available to industry. Core Products USA uses it because of specific properties that this metal has that make it more suitable for the most demanding use. In banding and fastening, there really is no substitute for what it has to offer.

Coatings vs. Alloys

There are metals out there that are corrosion resistant due to coatings that are applied to a base metal. These plate metals can be effective, but they are not long lasting. Over time, the coating will inevitably wear away, exposing the vulnerable metal underneath and exposing that metal to the corrosive nature of the environment.

Stainless steel is an alloy. Its strength comes from the fact that it has a minimum 11 percent chromium mixed in with the steel. That alloy cannot be separated. The chromium forms a thin layer of chromium oxide, which acts as a barrier between the underlying metal and the corrosive factors in the environment. Because of this, stainless steel cannot lose its stainless properties. No matter now scratched, nicked, dented or otherwise damaged it becomes, the oxide layer will reform and give the steel the same level of protection.

Stainless steel is also better for surgical and food processing applications. There is no underlying layer of metal that can become exposed and contaminate the food and there is no coating that might come off into the food, as well. This makes stainless very popular in applications where people’s heath is concerned.

For Industry

The banding we sell at Core Products USA gets used in some very harsh environments. From refineries to shipyards to lumber mills, this banding is exposed to numerous different corrosives and can become very heavily damaged and weakened if it is not produced correctly and of the right materials. With stainless steel, there is much less risk that anyone is going to get hurt because of a weakened band that breaks free, because of a load that comes loose or for any other reason related to the quality of the metal being used.

Stainless steel also adds value to every product. Because it is so resistant to corrosion, the huge rolls of stainless steel banding that many customers purchase will still be usable long after they’ve been purchased and have been in storage. 

The stainless steel banding we sell is USA-made stainless steel. There is no substitute for this. Every piece of steel is stamped with a 4-digit code that reveals that it was inspected and passed. The standards for USA-made stainless steel are very high, so we always know we’re shipping out the highest-possible quality products.

Consider the Options

There is really no way that any metal can offer the strength, corrosion resistance and durability of stainless steel. When you sell stainless steel banding and fasteners, as Core Products USA does, you have to be sure that you’re not sending something substandard out on the market. People’s lives literally depend upon it, in some cases. This is why we use U.S. made steel which has safety edges on the banding and we also provide wing seals/wing clipsand buckles that can hold it all together.

This assurance of quality would not be possible without the finest materials and that, quite simply, is what stainless steel is. Stainless steel from the U.S. is, in fact, the best of the best and that is why we only sell the best!